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Renewable energy for Guidance Signs

The FLAT-Light TGS is a unique, patented sign concept and the one and only certified LED edgelight TGS in line with current ICAO/FAA/EASA regulations and guidelines.

The FLAT-Light LED concept for taxiway guidance signs (TGS’s) and runway signs use only 17W per meter sign length. This makes the FLAT-Light TGS the most energy-efficient signs available on the market and it can be powered by renewable energy sources.

Solar panel and battery-pack
The FLAT-Light TGS can now be powered by solar panels only as an option. The panels energize a battery pack that powers the sign. The size of the battery pack and dimensions of the solar panels depends on the equatorial location related to the sun and hours of sunshine.
For instance in Dubai (UAE) and Lisbon (Portugal) the capacity of the battery pack must be 72 hours. This is the maximum time that the sun is not available or insufficient available. In these areas a small solar panel (approximately. 500x1800mm) is sufficient to energize the battery-pack.

Solitary system
By the use of solar energy, the TGS operates independently from any other power circuit or mains. The sign is 24/7 operational without interference. This makes the concept ideal for temporary or permanent solutions in areas where there is no power available.

• No additional energy consumption required beside solar panels and battery pack
• Proven lowest Total Cost of Ownership
• No maintenance
• Unique resistance against solid objects
• Designed in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle principles
• Highest durability supported by long term warranty
• Compliancy with actual EASA/ICAO standards (including wind load 483km/h – mode 3)
• Protected against dust and moisture: IP65
• Exceptional innovative, functional and aesthetic design