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New feature : Plug and Play PLC compatibility

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Stop racing down the track in order to gain status information.

Start communicating with your signs.

From now all AAS signs are provided with a voltage-free NO/NC contact allowing for remote monitoring of sign status.

Connection to PLC
For future communication demands the Printed Circuit Board is prepared with 3 digital inputs en 2 digital outputs for optional additional connectivity. This brings remote control to a new level.

Big compliment

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Small feedback on the CAT signs and information signs that we obtained from AAS in 2018 and 2019: So far we have no complaints. The operation of these installed signs has worked perfectly so far. We are currently very satisfied with your products.

Jens Otten, Flughafen Bremen GmbH


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QR-tagging: all relevant information in the palm of your hand.

QR-tagging enables effective and efficient installed base management of Airfield Guidance Signs. The use of digital technology to have your sign settings and parts specifications at hand. The benefits of our standard QR tags are widely recognised by airports operating AASI signs.

Ready for shipment

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Ready for shipment!
Delivery of prioritized projects at various airports continues anticipating increased airport operations in the coming months.

Getting in line for shipment

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A next batch of guidance signs tested and ready for shipment.
We maintain unparalleled lead and delivery times under healthy and safe working conditions.

Keep on going

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Customers call on us for short term replacement and improvement projects. anticipating a recovery of airport operations in the coming period.

We manage to keep our assembly and testing going under safe and hygienic working conditions.

We are very proud of our team mastering the balance between discipline, flexibility and reliability in these challenging times.

Welcome Chris Driedonks

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Chris Driedonks

We are happy to announce that Chris has joined our company. Chris will manage our supply chain and will be the first point of contact for our customers. Chris brings a wealth of experience in the airport industry and will definitely help grow our business.