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150 150 René Meulenkamp

Small feedback on the CAT signs and information signs that we obtained from AAS in 2018 and 2019: So far we have no complaints. The operation of these installed signs has worked perfectly…

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LED illuminated Runway and Taxiway Guidance Signs are our main business to serve airports around the globe.

The FLAT-Light TGS is well known for its energy efficiency, compatibility, strength and reliability.

Variable Guidance Signs brings airport signage to the next level.
They can be used to improve flexibility on runway and taxiways, provide real-time information and secure operations in case a static sign is temporarely not available.

Non-illuminated Runway and Taxiway Guidance Signs are a very straight forward product with the same quality features as its illuminated brother: strong and reliable.

Designed to be effective for a long time.


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Delivered TGS divided by facial height
Face height 600mm
Face height 800mm
Facial Height

All About Signs LED illuminated TGS are available in two facial heights en eight lengths. The 800 mm height signs are the most popular. The height you need is determined by the local circumstances and regulations.
Please use our sign configurator to determine the correct format.

These are the airports with our well respected customers.