Variable guidance signs

Variable Guidance Signs or Variable Message Signs

The variable sign responds to the need of airports to make safer and more efficient use of space. The basis of the sign is the FLAT-Light TGS in which a matrix of RGB LEDs is built-in. This guarantees the strength and easy installation.

Due to the smart application of materials, forced cooling is unnecessary. At this moment the sign is connected to 230Vac and communicates with the CMS in the tower via an I / O module and fiber optic. The possibility of power supply via the AGL circuit (6.6A) and communication via the same circuit will soon be added to this.

Examples of applications:

  • Control of towing traffic at intersections with the runway.
  • Real-time information about taxiways, docking and de-icing stations.
  • Temporary solution for signs that need to be replaced after serious damage.


  • Low energy consumption because of innovative LED concept.
  • Limited maintenance.
  • Highest durability supported by long term warranty.
  • Compliance with actual EASA/ICAO standards.
  • Unique resistance against dust, solid objects and moisture.
  • Exceptional innovative, functional and aesthetic design.
  • QR code for technical information per sign on any location.


  • Time saving installation procedure.
  • Compatible with power systems of most common brands.
  • Minimal parts on stock because of standardization of parts.
  • Easy access to critical parts.


    • ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1
    • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, part 6 Frangibility
      (including wind load 483km/h – FAA mode 3)
    • FAA AC 150/5345-44
    • EMC


      • Facial dimensions
      Face (mm)
      • LED Controller for 6.6A, compatible with power systems of most common brands or 230Vac.
      6.6A50Hz / 60Hz
      230Vac50Hz / 60Hz


  • Anti-bird pins
  • Reflection on the poles


  • Technical specifications