Non-illuminated signs

Essential & extremely robust non-illuminated signs

Non-illuminated signs are the most basic type of guidance signage. However, these must also comply with strict international regulations. AAS International’s non-illuminated signs are closely related to the illuminated versions, renowned for their well thought out, robust design and easy assembly. Installation of these signs saves a significant amount of time.

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Innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing

AAS International’s non-illuminated retro reflective signs offer the highest level of durability, backed by a long-term warranty. They require no maintenance and offer unique resistance against jet blast and solid objects. Designs are innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing design and all signs are compliant with current EASA/ICAO standards. Each sign, at every location, features a QR code for accessing technical information.



  • ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1

  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, part 6 Frangibility (including wind load 483 km/h – FAA mode 3)

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