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Runway and Taxiway Signs

Strength and liability

Runway and Taxiway Guidance Signs

FLAT-Light TGS is the only guidance sign that has proven in practice to be strong enough to withstand the jet blast of the most powerful aircrafts like Airbus A380, Boeing 777 and Dreamliner.

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Variable Guidance Signs

A Variable Guidance Sign can support airports to optimize the use of taxiways, runways, de-icing platform and other positions where flexibility is needed.

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Renewable energy for Guidance Signs

The FLAT-Light TGS is a unique, patented sign concept and the one and only certified LED edgelight TGS in line with current ICAO/FAA/EASA regulations and guidelines.

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AAS International BV

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Other topics

Check your Total Cost of Ownership for Guidance signs

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is your benchmark to calculate the real costs of guidance signs in a time frame. All About Signs challenges you to calculate the TCO of your present signage and to compare the result to the TCO of our guidance sign. Parameters:
  • Power consumption per light source (Watt)
  • Annual operational time (hours)
  • Annual power consumption (kW/h)
  • Environmental impact of the power consumption (CO2 emissions)
  • Replacement of light sources over time
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Purchase price and depreciation
Our calculations show significant profits - even compared with other LED illuminated signs. Convince yourself and contact us to set up a clear comparison.

Responsible entrepreneurship

Carbon Footprint

The emission of CO2 is evidently one of the greatest threats for the environment. Reason why it is positioned high on the aviation agenda, including airports. The substantial savings on the energy consumption, realized with the FLAT-Light sign concept, are immediately positively effecting the CO2 emission of an airport. The innovative FLAT-Light concept generates 89% less CO2 than the conventional halogen illuminated signs and 70% less CO2 compared to TLM.

'Cradle to Cradle' design

All materials used are uncompromising of highest quality and durability without exception. The FLAT-Light concept is for 98% 'closed loop recyclable'.

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New team member

We are happy to announce Chris Driedonks as our new team member.

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