LED Illuminated signs

Runway and Taxiway Guidance Signs

Important features of the design of the FLAT-Light TGS are: energy efficiency, resistance to very high wind loads, reliable technology and easy installation.

LED technology offers the possibility to minimize energy consumption. The innovative combination of LED strips and power supply are fully prepared for the future and can be connected to the communication protocols of modern power supply systems (eg ADB-Safegate ALCMS, Honeywell CMS, PLC).

The construction of the sign is such that the strength for mode 3 (wind load up to 483 km / h) but also the frangibility is guaranteed. And if repair or maintenance is then required, LED strips, power supply or front panel can be exchanged in a few minutes.


  • Low energy consumption because of innovative LED concept.
  • Limited maintenance, easy maintenance.
  • Voltage-free PLC contact (NO or NC) for status communication.
  • Circuit board prepared for 3 digital inputs en 2 digital outputs for optional additional PLC connectivity.
  • Highest durability supported by long term warranty.
  • Compliance with actual EASA/ICAO standards.
  • Unique resistance against dust, solid objects and moisture IP65.
  • Exceptional innovative, functional and aesthetic design.
  • QR code for technical information per sign on any location.


  • Time saving installation procedure.
  • Compatible with power systems of most common brands.
  • 100% brightness at 5.2A equals 30% less power consumption.
  • Minimal parts on stock because of standardization of parts.
  • Easy access to critical parts.


  • ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1
  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, part 6 Frangibility
    (including wind load 483km/h – FAA mode 3)
  • FAA AC 150/5345-44
  • EMC
  • NEN 2438-IP 65, ICE 598-1, clause 9
  • Facial dimensions

Face (mm)Length
  • The LED Controller for 2.8A ~ 6.6A is compatible with power systems of most common brands (Conventional thyristor CCR and Sine Wave CCR) or 230Vac. One controller for any sign dimension.

TypeFrequencyConstantDimmablePLCFail Open
2.8A ~ 6.6A50Hz / 60Hz


    • PLC-connectivity option via 3 digital inputs en 2 digital outputs
    • Anti-bird pins
    • Reflection on the poles